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Introduction of Maihama Station “Ikusupiari”

Today, I would like to introduce “Ikspiari” at Maihama Station!

At Ikspiari, you can enjoy “gourmand,” “shopping,” and “movies”!

Take the shuttle bus departing from the hotel at 10:00 and relax until night for movies and shopping ♪
Even if you shop a lot, if you take the shuttle bus from Maihama Station, You can easily return to the hotel ♪

Also, since it is open even after the Tokyo Disney Resort ® is closed, you can eat dinner after playing.
Take a photo booth and leave a memory!

* Business hours vary depending on the store. For restaurants, please be careful about the last order and the last entry time.
* Some stores may restrict or suspend the provision of alcoholic beverages.
* Some stores have different business hours or are closed. The contents are subject to change without notice. Please note.