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Enjoy world class tourist places

The hotel is located in Nishikasai, which is easily accessible for sightseeing and shopping. It takes about 15 minutes by line from Tokyo Station and the Marunouchi Line to Tokyo.

Tokyo Disney Resort®

About 30 minutes by Tokyo Disney Pool® shuttle bus. It’s a pole and it’s pushing us to enjoy. In the Kingdom of Dreams and Magic, the Kingdom of Dreams and Magic, attractions, slightly padded, shows and the Kingdom of Magic.

Tokyo Station

About 20 minutes by train to Tokyo Station. There is Japan’s largest depachika “Daimaru Tokyo”,
There are many sweets of a wide range of genres gathered from home and abroad in the basement of the department store.
There are many restaurants not only inside the ticket gate but also outside the ticket gate.
Enjoy delicious sweets as souvenirs and rewards for yourself.


30 minutes by train to Sky Tree
With a height of 634m, it is the tallest free-standing radio tower in the world. A tower with an urban design with a sense of the near future has come into the downtown area, and it is a new space where the downtown area and the city are mixed. Directly below the Tokyo Sky Tree is the planetarium “Tenku” produced by Konica Minolta.


30 minutes by train to Asakusa
When you come to Asakusa, you can’t miss the classic sightseeing spot “Kaminarimon”, as well as “Sensoji Temple”, “Main Hall” and “Five-storied Pagoda”.
The famous Tokugawa Ieyasu is also a venerable temple that is said to have prayed for luck.
It is lit up at night and you can enjoy a different appearance from the daytime!


25 minutes by train to Ueno
Yamanote, where many cultural facilities such as “Ueno Ueno Zoo”, “Tokyo National Museum”, and “National Museum of Western Art”, which is a world heritage site, are concentrated around the famous cherry blossom spot “Ueno Ongoku Park” that continues from Edo, and “Ueno Ameyoko” (Ameya Yokocho) ”is a mixture of deep downtown areas.


30 minutes by train to Ginza
Ginza area-sized commercial synthesis “GINZA SIX”,
We are thinking of a world-class commercial space where the highest quality and 241 affordable brands are gathered.
Please experience the history of Ginza and have a space, and have a good luck.

Kasai Rinkai Park

15 minutes by train to Kasai Rinkai Park
There are facilities for families and groups to enjoy, such as an aquarium, an observatory, a bird garden, and an artificial beach.
In the aquarium in the park, bluefin tuna that realized group swimming for the first time in the world are bred, and the large aquarium is a masterpiece. It is a large aquarium that is worth visiting even from afar.

Makuhari Messe

About 30 minutes by car to Makuhari Messe Lives and events are held throughout the year. Facilities include an event hall and an international exhibition hall. The surrounding area is full of sightseeing spots unique to the Makuhari area, such as outlet malls and the stadium of the baseball team based in Chiba prefecture.

Gyosen Park

15 minutes walk to Gyosen Park
It is perfect not only for families but also for adults who want to spend a relaxing time while taking a walk.
Gyosen Park has a natural zoo that breeds a variety of animals.
In the other area of ​​the park is the Heisei Garden, which surrounds the pond.