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Henn na Hotel Tokyo Nishikasai


Dinosaur Robot Hotel “Henna Hotel Tokyo Nishi-Kasai”.
As a motto “cutting edge”, “safe”, “secure”, “clean”, and We are a hotel that offers “excitement”.
Tokyo Disney Resort® is approximately 30 minutes away by free shuttle bus, which runs daily.
The hotel is located in Nishi-Kasai, which is convenient for sightseeing, shopping, and business, and is approximately 15 minutes from Tokyo Station and Marunouchi by train using the Tokyo Metro.
The hotel’s “Japanese” design is reminiscent of a Japanese garden, while the dinosaurs and ammonites are a fantastical fusion of ancient times.
In addition, multilingual dinosaur robots that help prevent COVID-19 infection will handle check-in and check-out procedures, allowing guests to enjoy a fun time with the warmth of the robots at a reasonable price.
And you can rest assured that our staff is on call 24 hours a day, every day in the backyard.