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Announcement of the introduction of the latest VR machine

Hello everyone!

This time, we would like to introduce new rental equipment ♪

We have introduced the latest VR machine “Oculus Quest 2”! !!
* It will be rented for 1000 yen per night.
Oculus Quest2 allows you to watch Youtube, Netflix, etc. in addition to games, so you can enjoy your stay in your room.
If you wear goggles, you can experience various things in various spaces, times, and places.
With a highly transparent lens and state-of-the-art 3D graphic technology, you can make your headset your own space.
A wide variety of games!
Even when you want to travel to another world with a game, it is easy because you can operate it intuitively with the controller.
To a world of reality beyond imagination with breathtaking power and presence!
Even after leaving Tokyo Disney Resort ®, the afterglow remains as it is.
Please enjoy the dramatically improved processing power and overwhelming graphics in your room.
Not to mention disinfection, we are fully prepared so that you can use it with confidence!

We also have the latest VR plan commitment plan that can secure lending!
Please use it ♪